dance vs powerpoint: TEDtalk

Use dancers instead of powerpoint! I know this is 10mins long, and about science, but SOOO worth it. Watch this now!

Less is more

Simplicity has never been more powerful. Interesting little article here on distilling your message to as few words as possible.

Failte Ireland Cultural Tourism Toolkit

A really useful manual from our national tourism development agency…  I would say that, having contributed to it : ) Download it here.


I can work with your organisation to evaluate your marketing function, research audiences and set objectives that fulfill your mission. I'm also happy to run a hands-on marketing campaign, creating action plans, timelines and budgets to ensure that your resources are used efficiently and effectively. Sales forecasts, design briefs, copywriting, advertising campaigns, reports... all part of the service.

public affairs

Whether it's developing a communications strategy for the entire organisation or devising a PR campaign for a particular project, I can assist, advise or deliver according to your requirements, bringing a decade of cultural and media relationships to the table.


Sharing knowledge and experience is a key element of what I do, developing the skills within client organisations and mentoring key staff members. I can be available at the end of a line to provide support and develop their confidence in marketing, pr and public affairs.

I have also designed and delivered group workshops and training programmes in marketing, PR, and communications strategy, the closest I'm ever likely to come to performing in public.